About Us


Derived from the Malaysian word for "grow", Tumboh is a social enterprise that sprouted from the foundation that helping the underprivileged is a responsibility, not a choice. 

Malaysia has always been a home to the underprivileged and vulnerable. We have over 400 thousand households that fall under the poverty line, over 250-thousand single mothers, almost 200-thousand refugees, and many more communities in dire need of aid. Thankfully, Malaysia is also home to champions: people, charities, institutions and organisations that fight to improve the lives of the less fortunate. 

We at Tumboh aim to help these champions by providing them with the financial support they need to continue to do good in the country. Every purchase of our 60ml and 500ml sanitisers acts as a donation of RM0.50 and RM2.00, respectively. For our food products, our granolas contribute RM1.00, organic tea gives back RM2.00 and our bee-less honey contributes RM1.00. Tumboh will distribute these donations to selected Malaysian organisations, institutions, or charities, ensuring that your contribution will positively impact those who need it the most. 

As Tumboh grows, so does our ability to help others. So grow with us and make a difference.

We plan to: 

  1. Support local organisations, people, institutions and charities that help underprivileged Malaysians improve their lives.

  2. Provide fair income to local producers and manufacturers

  3. Provide great products and services to our customers

  4. Provide an excellent workplace for our team

  5. Invest in local micro-businesses