Our Partners

Komuniti Tukang Jahit

Komuniti Tukang Jahit provides sewing training and job opportunities to underprivileged Malaysian women, giving them the opportunity to secure a stable income. Their targeted solution is helping develop women in general, single mothers, underprivileged women and "women of the household" - women situated at home with responsibilities but wish to earn an income for their family. KTJ trains these women to sew commercially viable items, which ultimately helps them earn a sustainable living. 

 Through a partnership with Tumboh, KTJ collected RM19,670 by producing Tumboh's Handmade Toiletry Bags. Ultimately, 30% of the total value of this project was distributed to KTJ's community of women. Tumboh is currently discussing other ways they can help KTJ improve the lives of their community - hoping to provide a long term and positive impact


Need To Feed The Need (NFN)

Need to Feed the Need (NFN) is an NGO that runs a soup kitchen to feed the homeless. Founded in October 2013, NFN is operated and managed entirely by permanent volunteers who do not take home a salary or reward in any form, hence assuring all their contributors that 100% of all contribution received is channeled directly to those in need.

NFN’s patrons are the homeless and urban poor of all age groups; parents with newborn babies to senior citizens; anyone who has found themselves in difficult circumstances. Most of the able-bodied among them have jobs, though their meagre incomes may not be enough to pay for monthly room rental, let alone a two-month deposit. Some pay a daily rate of RM25 to RM40 for a squalid room with lumpy mattress just so their children could sleep. The majority of the families live in 4m x 3m makeshift rooms in converted shop-houses.

TUMBOH has partnered with NFN whereby a fixed amount for every of our products sold will be donated to their cause. We at TUMBOH strive to ensure that we can provide long term help to underprivileged communities. As of 30th September 2021, TUMBOH has contributed 380 bottles of 60ml sanitisers, 700 packets of face masks.